Documents which made the history of XSS.

Relics from the golden ages, original mails to Bugtraq, white papers ... a collection of the very first documents which opened doors on the incredible world of XSS.

A museum!


Everything you need to know when you start with XSS.

Some generic introductions and the basements of the main XSS and XSS-related techniques.

The very starting point to become a Cross-Site Scripting guru.


Because a video is sometimes much more efficient than a f**king manual...

Quickly learn about XSS, tools, techniques and much more.

And you don't even need to know how to read !


A section to cover advanced XSS techniques and variants.

Conferences, research papers, blog entries ... whatever brings you deeper in the arcanas of the XSS.

Discover the endless capabilities of the most powerful attack types of the century (at least).


Lists of useful things such as evasion tricks, injection points, cheat sets, and JavaScript ...

Just saving time by pointing to the relevant resources.

Quite useless if you don't understand the basics.


Blogs from security experts dealing with Javascript, XSS and other interesting application security-related topics.

A set of of valuable sources of inspiration which are definitely worth reading.